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Monday, 17 April 2017

Resin adventure!!!

Resin and UTEE is the subject of the current challenge over on the PaperArtsy blog this fortnight.

Here is my take on this...

This is only the second time I have used Resin, so I have probably done all of the wrong things!!

I mixed up 100 ml of product and hardener and separated this into 3 plastic cups. Having seen some video's on You Tube, I wanted a 'dirty pour'. In 1 cup I added a squirt of Alcohol blending solution, in another a sprinkle of Paperartsy Infusions Rocky Road, in the last cup a squirt of Paperartsy Fresco Chalk Paint Cheesecake.

I poured all 3 cups back into 1 cup and poured this onto a canvas. At this stage nothing happened, just a bit of a mess!!. Not wanting to throw it all away, I decided to play. I had no idea if I was doing the right thing!!. I sprinkled on some Infusions In The Navy, it just seemed to float on the surface, so I added a few drops of Alcohol Solution, this 'opened' up the resin and 'allowed' the Infusions in!!. I continued with Infusions Rocky Road, Slime, Rusty Car and In The Navy.

I also added a few blobs of Fresco Chalk Paint in Bouganvillia. When I added a few drops of Alcohol Solution nothing happened, the chalk paint sat on top of the resin!!

Not enough resin to completely cover the canvas, starting to drip off a few of the sides, managed to level off enough to stop this!!

Still moving!!

I hope it sets, checked after 24 hours, seems to be setting, still a little tacky.

Well after over 24 hours it has started to set, I can see a problem where the resin has slightly pooled in the middle. I should have put a book to fill in the recess on the reverse of the canvas. Never mind, I am still learning!! Another factor could be the temperature. I read somewhere it has to be 18-30 degrees. Typical, the temperature dropped here today to 5 degrees and the room temperature also dropped.

I did mix up 10 grams each of the resin and hardener and mixed in a blob of Cheesecake Fresco paint and poured this onto a smaller canvas. I again added some Infusions In The navy, Slime and Rusty car. I placed a stamping block underneath to fill in the recess. Still learning!!

Thursday, 6 April 2017

..a new breed..

Fab new challenge over at PaperArtsy this fortnight, being Blue/Ochre.

Here is my take on this...

My inspiration came from all of the creations that Darcy has shared on the intro post along with my fellow bloggers!!

I started off with some pieces of wood..

The head was fun, spent some time with several blue tones of PaperArtsy Fresco Chalk Paints in Beach Hut, Caribbean Sea and Inky Pool. I applied Inky Pool with my finger, I am really enjoying using my fingers, they make great tools!!!

The body I stamped two of the new stamps from Lin Brown ELB34 in Inky Pool and Caribbean Sea..

For my Ochre part, I made up a mixture of Zesty Zing, Tango and 2 taps of Paper Artsy Infusions in Lemoncello. By using these translucent colours the stamping shows through. After spending some time drilling holes into the wood along with my hand and the tiled floor, decided to use a piece of copper wire to attach the head to the body..

There you have it, a new breed, I will call him Fresco Fancy!!!

Don't forget to check out my fellow bloggers and have a go, Really enjoyed using both blue and ochre...

Monday, 13 March 2017


Very proud today, as this is my first post for the Paperartsy blog.

The background started off with a brayered coat of Fresco Chalk Paint Cheesecake. I brayered on some masking fluid, and some Fresco Chalk Paint Tango mixed with Cheesecake.

This layer shows neat Tango applied with a kitchen scourer.

The picture frame consists of several die cuts glued together and some kitchen paper towel wrapped around them. The gates were heat embossed in Gold and a wash of Infusions Lemoncello.

The fabric and wool were dyed with a mixture of Inky Pool and Zesty Zing Fresco Chalk Paints and used to re connected the cut sections of the board.

This project was so much fun, I enjoyed all of the processes and it all came together really well.

Monday, 6 March 2017


This is a A5 water colour board that I have 'recycled' as I did not like the original picture I had made. 

I had run out of Texture Paste, so I made my own using some wood ash and matt medium.

The wood ash was a little damp when I mixed it with the matt medium, so I left it overnight to harden off.

I sprinkled over some Paperartsy Infusions Blackcurrant and sprayed with water, A little later when I checked the wood ash mixture started to break up a little, I guess it was a little too damp.

I did not like it at first, but after a couple of days I began to really enjoy looking at it. It reminds me of an ariel photograph of a ravine or river bed, the infusions like tributaries!!

The larger particles are charcoal, nice effect!!!. Boulders brought down when the glacier melted millions of years ago!!

This certainly needs more experimentation and playing, and with different colours.

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

30 Minute Challenge !!!!

The current challenge this month over at Country View Challenge is Time challenge 30 minutes or under.

Here is my make..

Kitchen timer set and off we go!!. I have this tag that I had a plan with some die cut pipe work.. I started off with a mixture of white gesso and Fresco Chalk paint in Inky Pool, applied with a brayer..

Whilst this was drying I die cut my pipework and used the wet paint as a glue. I ended up with paint all over my fingers, so I smudged this on the tag!!

My original plan was to cut several lengths of wool, soak in paint and attach to the tag, when I reached onto the shelf to get some tubes of Pebeo Dyna paint, my arm caught a pot of paint. I just caught it before it fell on the floor, when I put this back on the shelf the label was facing me. It was Indigo Blu called Banana Custard. The word Custard caught my imagination, I changed my plan and decided to have custard coming out of my pipe work!!!

I like apple pie and custard, so I drew a very quick sketch...

By the time I had faffed with all of this, I checked the kitchen timer, 5 mins to go !!!!. So I quickly coloured in the pipes with a alcohol marker and some silver Pebeo Dyna Paint and some Copper Dyna paint and the timer went off.....

Great fun, Don't forget to take part, £20 voucher to spend....

Friday, 10 February 2017

Little Card/Tag

Masks is the current challenge over at PaperArtsy this time, so I have made a card/tag thingy for a friend.

I was inspired to make this after reading the post by Gabrielle Price, I just loved how the background was created, and the masking techniques.

My background started life as a layer of Fresco Chalk Paint in Inky Pool. Depth was added by mixing with white gesso.

A bit more white gesso...

My masks are Washi Tape, the lamp comes from Urban Snapshots Arched Apertures USAA2..

Keeping with the blue theme, I used Infusions in Royal Blood and some matt gel medium..

Like this technique.. Just scuffed up the edges and glued onto some black card. Wordage is also from the same stamp set.