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Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Mail Art

Mail Art is the current challenge on the Paperartsy blog this week.

Here is my take on this..

I was inspired to create this after seeing the post from Wendy Mallas with her fab creation.

I started with the front piece of a Please Do Not Bend envelope, I always keep the card back for projects but always throw away this front piece. 

Wendy said towards the end of her post to try  paler shades for the background, so I used some blobs of Cheesecake and 2 blobs of Claret Fresco Chalk Paints. Recently I have seen artists using a window blade to move paints, so I tried this also!!

I chose the images I wanted to use, from Wings Plate 4 and Letters Plate 5, and like Wendy I stamped them onto some tissue paper.

As Wendy suggested, I thought of different ways to use these images. In my mind they could be pictures that could be hung on a wall. For a bit of fun, I sketched onto the envelope some telegraph poles and used my pictures to hang from the wires!!. A white sharpie pen completed the frames.

Thanks to Wendy for the inspiration, great fun to think of different ways to incorporate your stamps into artworks!!

Friday, 2 December 2016

Bleach Technique.

The current challenge over at the Paperartsy blog this time is a Bleach Technique.

This is my creation!!

I started off with a piece of watercolour card, sprayed with water and sprinkled on some Infusions in Blackcurrant and a little Violet Storms.

Once dry, with the help of the video that Darcy supplied in the original post, I stamped with bleach using the larger chevron from Hot Picks 1501.

I followed the same technique using Mini 28.

I used the TCW Rebekah Meier designs stencil that is available on the Paperartsy website for the bird. I used a paperstump dipped in bleach and gently rubbed through the stencil.

I created the outline of my figure using a black and brown Pitt Artist pen.

I then glued the watercolour paper onto some reclaimed wood in the shape of an art house ready to sit on a shelf!

I love this technique, will be trying this again!!

Don't forget to check out the post and all of the inspiration supplied by all of the bloggers!!!