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Thursday, 6 April 2017

..a new breed..

Fab new challenge over at PaperArtsy this fortnight, being Blue/Ochre.

Here is my take on this...

My inspiration came from all of the creations that Darcy has shared on the intro post along with my fellow bloggers!!

I started off with some pieces of wood..

The head was fun, spent some time with several blue tones of PaperArtsy Fresco Chalk Paints in Beach Hut, Caribbean Sea and Inky Pool. I applied Inky Pool with my finger, I am really enjoying using my fingers, they make great tools!!!

The body I stamped two of the new stamps from Lin Brown ELB34 in Inky Pool and Caribbean Sea..

For my Ochre part, I made up a mixture of Zesty Zing, Tango and 2 taps of Paper Artsy Infusions in Lemoncello. By using these translucent colours the stamping shows through. After spending some time drilling holes into the wood along with my hand and the tiled floor, decided to use a piece of copper wire to attach the head to the body..

There you have it, a new breed, I will call him Fresco Fancy!!!

Don't forget to check out my fellow bloggers and have a go, Really enjoyed using both blue and ochre...


  1. Ha ha!! I love her - Fresco Fancy! Sounds like a tace horse! This is such an imaginative idea. I love your sheep phase!!

  2. Pretty much speechless Bryan. Very appropriate for the time of year too! Love the blues that you have chosen.

  3. Wow Fresco Fancy is very fancy indeed lol. I love this Bryan, such a unique idea. Loving the sheep phase too, mind love sheep lol. Well done 😊

  4. Think we all need a little Fresco Fancy in our lives! It's genius!

  5. Hi! Fresco Fancy!! Nice meet you..you are so handsome and beautiful coloours. xx