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Saturday, 13 May 2017

Changing Seasons

Very proud today as I have another project over on the PaperArtsy blog.

My inspiration came from a view from our house. Our village is situated within a 'basin' and surrounded by fields. This is one of the views.

I have often wanted to capture this in some form of art. When I saw the new releases by Lin brown, my fave was ELB34. I wanted to use the leaf stamp as my 'trees' and the rest of the set for the foliage etc as you work your way down the landscape.

I wanted to use this old bit of wood as it has great dimention. I used Grunge Paste and smeared it onto the wood and sprinkled on some In The Navy Infusions. With a wet kitchen scourer made some marks and swirls into the paste. 

I have displayed this in between 2 rooms, so when you walk one way you see spring first, when you walk back winter is in view.

This is my fave bit, you have to lift the flap to see autumn!!. The pieces of wood where whittled from a cherry branch.

Winter, love the feel of the cold with the clear embossing on the leaf..

I had great fun creating this, looking forward to my next post!!!

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