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Sunday, 3 December 2017

Torn, Ripped and Burnt Collage

This fortnight PaperArtsy have a great challenge called Torn, Ripped and Burnt. Darcy has provided a wealth of inspiration, they can be found here.

My inspiration for the substrate came from Claire Snowdon. I used whole pages from a magazine and off set each page before glueing together.

I have been working with parchment recently, so had a go at some burnt highlights. I was in the garden, and took lighter direct to the parchment, It started to bubble, and after 5 seconds caught fire, so if trying this make sure you are outside.

I used a sample of silk fabric and tore into strips along with some medical gauze.

I liked the way the threads started to come away, so used these along with the medical gauze to create some texture and a sense of movement.

With a scrap of calico, I made a small cut and gently ripped to create a open frame for my fish, Mini 100 from Paperartsy.

Great fun, great to play with fabrics and fibres..


  1. Love this ! Great layering and colours !
    Corrie x

  2. Wonderful!! That bubbled burnt area looks great!!!