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Thursday, 21 July 2016

PaperArtsy Infusions and Pebeo Paints...

This is the result of experimenting with Infusions and some gloss paints.

I used some pastel colours from a set of Pebeo Brilliant Gloss paints. I poured them onto the canvas and spritzed on some water, and moved the paint around with a painting knife.

Using Infusions in A Bit Jaded and Blackcurrant, I sprinkled onto the wet canvas and spritzed on some water.

 I left it overnight to dry, I love the way the walnut crystals have left a spidery effect on the canvas.

 Another view, showing the Blackcurrant Infusions..

I don't normally use pastel colours, but for this technique I think it shows off the Infusions..

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