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Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Fabric Collage Pouch.

In my bit box, found lots of calico that I dyed with PaperArtsy Infusions powders and Fresco Chalk paints last year. Some pieces I added some texture pastes as well.

I needed a storage solution for some of my mark making tools, so I had this vision of making a pouch type of thing.

Enjoyed hand stitching with different fibres to patch all together, a bit ramshackle, but does serve a purpose!!

Great fun.

Last of the snow from Beast from the East, this batch came with an orange tinge, sand from the Sahara????


  1. Wow this is really cool Bryan! Great idea and I love your array of tools!
    Your stitching and cloths are just beautiful!

  2. Love the pouch thingie, sooo cool and pretty!

  3. Hi Bryan. Thanks for leaving the lovely comment over at mine, I am loving your art it's fabulous. Angela x